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Our specialty at JS Truckmart is high quality recycled auto parts, at a terrific savings. Searching for top quality used auto parts should not be a stressful experience. Call us today!

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JS Truckmart Warranty Terms and conditions

Standard 90-Day Parts Only

Standard 90 day parts only coverage– If the part is determined to be defective within 90 days from the date on the invoice the customer may return the part to us and we will either replace it with another one of like kind quality or refund the customer, whichever we deem best. To begin a warranty, claim a customer must contact JS Truckmart with an invoice number and/or copy of original receipts prior to removing any defective part. An RMA number or claim number must be assigned, and repair instructions provided prior to other expenses incurred by the customer.


Vendor Warranty

Parts may carry a vendor warranty and are not covered directly by JS Truckmart Inc. JS Truckmart will facilitate the return of the defective part(s) to the vendor and will request any other requested documentation of parts. Evaluation can take up to 90 days and credit is at the discretion of the vendor. Credit will not be issued to purchaser by JS Truckmart unless issued by the vendor.

Gold Warranty

Gold warranty. 1 year unlimited mileage parts only coverage.    

Labor warranty options available. Speak to your sales specialist for more details.  Coverage remains the same as the 90 day & 1 year warranties, with the addition of labor coverage per the block purchased.  Terms & conditions for the optional block labor warranty.





Labour Protection of $500

Labour Protection of $1,000

Labour Protection of $2,000

Labour Protection of $2,500

How to Make a Warranty Claim

To begin a warranty, claim a customer must contact JS Truckmart with an invoice number and/or copy of original receipts prior to removing any defective part. An RMA number or claim number must be assigned, and repair instructions provided prior to other expenses incurred by the customer. Contact Customer Service at [email protected] to start a warranty claim.

How to Request a Return or Request to have a Core Picked up

Click on the link below and provide original invoice number, details of the request, your contact name, phone number and email address to our Customer Service department via email.

All warranty coverages must fall in line with the below terms:

All warranties are a one-time use labor payout, if labor is paid the labor is now gone from the warranty. Customers do have the option to add labor on the replacement invoice, this must be added on before the customer receives the part.

1. To submit a claim all installs must be done by a Certified Repair facility. Installs that are not performed at a Certified Repair facility will not be covered under any warranty stated above. This includes our self-installed parts unless notated on the original invoice and cleared by JS Truckmart Management.
2. Installation Guidelines are not provided by JS Truckmart. It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to obtain these documents. Once the installation is complete the customer must maintain the part purchased according to original manufacturers’ specifications.

3. Warranties will also be voided if failure of any of the following:

a. Overheating, racing, or additional aftermarket modifications not originally installed by the manufacturer ,including DEF deletions and aftermarket tuners.
b. Exceeding the manufacturer’s tow and load ratings of the vehicle.
c. Failing to follow any installation guidelines and procedures.
d. Failing to hot flush all transmission coolers or replacing them (documentation will be required)
e. Incorrect fluids, additives, seals or gaskets that were used during the install (documentation will be required)
f. Failing to follow any procedures set forth by any remanufactured or used vendors supplied with a unit JS Truckmart sold.

4. Customers must provide a repair order, receipts for any parts, services, gaskets, or fluids that were used during installation and the replacement if approved. Pictures must be submitted and or a video to prove the diagnosis of a failed product.
5. JS Truckmart may request a third-party inspection to be done at the shop where the installation took place or where the vehicle is currently being looked at for warranty.
6. All warranties are not transferable unless the original sale was sold to a reseller for a resale vehicle. In this case, the warranty will transfer to the first person who made the purchase of the vehicle nothing further.
7. If the price to source a replacement part exceeds the original invoice amount at our discretion JS Truckmart may refund the original invoice amount in full or request additional payment to take care of the warranty at hand.
8. If the part was originally shipped or delivered to the customer by JS Truckmart we will supply the replacement by the same method. If the part was picked up at one of our facilities it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange the shipping costs of the replacement part or pay any additional shipping costs to get the replacement part to its destination. It will be JS Truckmarts responsibility to pick up any defective parts we request back not the consumers. However, all parts must be returned in a complete state and have all original markings as it was sent, unless otherwise authorized by JS Truckmart Management.
9. Regardless of where the part was installed JS Truckmart does not warranty any parts outside North America including Hawaii.

10. If an option to replace the part is available from JS Truckmart and customer chooses not to take the replacement, no labour to be paid out if customer purchased block warranty on original purchase.

11. These are used to recycled parts and they are in as-is condition with all faults. We are not responsible for any personal injury or property damage as a result of defects in the parts. Every customer must inspect the parts that were purchased. JS Truckmart is not responsible for any rental vehicle charges, towing charges, or loss of time customers may have incurred due to a failed part unless otherwise noted on the front of the invoice.

Conditions for Parts Coverage

  • Conditions for Parts Coverage– Rotating assembly and valvetrain only. The rotating assembly is the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, piston rings, main bearings, and rod bearings. The valvetrain is valves, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, camshaft, and heads. We do not cover exhaust, exhaust manifolds, intakes, turbo, injectors, pumps, fuel rails, oil coolers, electrical components, gaskets, or water pumps. Some of these parts may be included for the customer’s convenience for install however, JS Truckmart does not guarantee components against failure. Automatic Transmission- We will cover housing, torque converter, and internal parts only. We do not cover external sensors. All installation guidelines must be followed. Every transmission must be hot flushed or coolers replaced to prevent further damage to the unit along with any relearns procedures for the unit. All documentation must be provided to continue the warranty. Differentials, Carriers, Transfer cases, and Manual transmissions- We will cover the housing and gears only. Shift motors, hubs, axle shafts, brakes, calipers, backing plates, and electrical connectors may be included with the parts but, are considered customer convenience parts and are not covered under and warranty guidelines.
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